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Marcelo Berlanda Ag. Engineer (ARG)

- Expert Advice - Olive Industry Consultant - Orchard Management - Site Selection - Plantation Design - Mechanical Harvesting - Olive Oil Processing - Trading

About us

Marcelo Berlanda, Professional consultant specialized in Modern Olive production including Super High Density (SHD) and Intensive olive growing systems.

Extensive 22 years experience in the Olive Industry in Australia, Argentina, South Africa and California, United States.


Consultancy services for Olive Growers, Olive Oil Processors, Olive Associations and Agribusiness Managers.

Extensive network of clients, suppliers, contractors and colleagues around the world.


Olive Growing Regions Covered

Australia: +61 438 581 656
United States: +1 530 636 6215
Argentina: +54 383 433 0078

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